Thanks for visiting us at the CPhI 2018!

After three exciting days the CPhI 2018, the pharmaceutical industry’s most important event, closed its doors last week. Once again it´s been a great experience with many interesting and promising conversations.

MAGNESIA GmbH would like to thank you for joining us at our stand in Madrid and celebrating our 35th anniversary with us.

Lots of visitors participated in our prize competition. But only one of them could win the iPad.

It was Ms. Veronika Makova from Macco Organiques, s.r.o. who was closest to the right result of 5,642 tablets in the MAGNESIA jar.


Should you have any additional subjects on minerals, APIs and excipients, please feel free to contact us at any time.To get a survey of our product portfolio please see our delivery program for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our team of experts

The following colleagues had been on site for you and will provide further assistance and advice:

Thomas Raab

Sales Director
Pharma & Cosmetics

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Christian Nega

Sales Director
Nutritional & Health Supplements

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Oliver Stapelfeldt

Sales Director
Food & International Business

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Product Application
Aluminium hydroxide Excipient
Calcium carbonate API / Excipient
Calcium chloride-2-hydrate API / Excipient
tri-Calcium citrate Excipient
Calcium lactate-5-hydrate Excipient
di-Calcium phosphate-2-hydrate Excipient
di-Calcium phosphate anhydrous Excipient
tri-Calcium phosphate Excipient
Calcium stearate Excipient
Calcium sulphate-2-hydrate Excipient
Citric acid API / Excipient
Citric acid, DC Excipient
Citric acid (surface treated) Excipient
Ferrous fumarate API
Kaolin Excipient
Magnesium carbonate API / Excipient
tri-Magnesium dicitrate-9-hydrate Excipient
tri-Magnesium dicitrate anhydrous API / Excipient
Magnesium chloride-6-hydrate API / Excipient
Magnesium hydrogen citrate API / Excipient
Magnesium hydroxide API / Excipient
Magnesium lactate API / Excipient
Magnesium oxide API / Excipient
Magnesium stearate Excipient
Magnesium sulphate-7-hydrate API / Excipient
Magnesium sulphate dried API / Excipient
Magnesium trisilicate API / Excipient
Potassium chloride Excipient
Potassium chloride API / Excipient
tri-Potassium citrate-1-hydrate API / Excipient
Potassium gluconate Excipient
Potassium hydrogen carbonate Excipient
Sodium chloride API / Excipient
mono-Sodium citrate Excipient
Product Application
tri-Sodium citrate Excipient
Sodium hydrogen carbonate Excipient
Sodium lactate Excipient
Sodium stearate Excipient
Sodium sulphate anhydrous Excipient
Talkum Excipient
Xanthan Excipient
Zinc oxide API / Excipient
Zinc stearate Excipient
Zinc sulphate Excipient

DC Grades

Product Application
Calcium carbonate, DC (with and without binder) API / Excipient
tri-Calcium citrate, DC Excipient
di-Calcium phosphate, DC Excipient
Magnesium carbonate, DC API / Excipient
Magnesium hydroxide, DC Excipient
Magnesium oxide, DC API / Excipient