Ingredients for Personal Care

As a supplier to the cosmetics industry we are proud of the high demand for our products. We take a flexible and proactive approach to customers' requests, always striving to provide the best possible qualities and purity-grades. Whether you are looking for general information or already for a particular product, just ask us - we are glad to help.

Cosmetics manufacturers we supply with the perfect raw materials for their beauty and personal care products. Allergen-free and tailor-made. For toothpastes, deodorants, hair care products and much more. If you are looking for a supply solution - our expert staff is always ready to listen and help.

As our customer, you can expect our competent advice on all questions about products and available qualities. We make sure that you find the right stabilizers, separating agents and binders for your purpose. Our certified supply chain ensures that you receive your goods in time and in perfect condition.

Aluminium chloride Magnesium silicate
Aluminium hydroxide Magnesium stearate
Aluminium stearate Magnesium sulphate 7-hydrate
Calcium carbonate Magnesium trisilicate
Calcium chloride Potassium bicarbonate
Calcium citrate Potassium carbonate
tri-Calcium citrate 4-hydrate Potassium chloride
Calcium gluconate tri-Potassium citrate
Calcium hydroxide Potassium gluconate
Calcium lactate gluconate Potassium-L(+)-lactate
di-Calcium phosphate anhydrous Sodium bicarbonate
di-Calcium phosphate 2-hydrate Sodium carbonate
tri-Calcium phosphate Sodium chloride
Calcium stearate mono-Sodium citrate
Calcium sulphate tri-Sodium citrate anhydrous
Citric acid anhydrous tri-Sodium citrate 2-hydrate
Citric acid 1-hydrate Sodium gluconate
Epsom salt Sodium hydrogen carbonate
Erythritol Sodium-L(+)-lactate
Ferrous fumarate Sodium lactate-solution
Ferrous gluconate 2-hydrate Sodium stearate
Gluconic acid Sodium sulphate anhydrous
Glucono-delta-lactone Strontium acetate
Kaolin Strontium chloride 6-hydrate
Lactic acid Talcum
Magnesium carbonate Xanthan
Magnesium chloride Zinc citrate
Magnesium citrate Zinc gluconate
tri-Magnesium dicitrate anhydrous Zinc oxide
tri-Magnesium dicitrate 9-hydrate Zinc stearate
Magnesium gluconate Zinc sulphate 1-hydrate
Magnesium hydroxide Zinc sulphate 7-hydrate
Magnesium oxide  

ISO 9001

Magnesia's quality management has been certified under ISO 9001.

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Our hygiene management is guided by the HACCP principles.

HACCP certificate


As a distributor of active ingredients used in medicinal products for human consumption we follow GDP guidelines.

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