Nutritional Health Supplements

Fitness and health are becoming increasingly important. Sporting activity leads to higher performance, especially when the diet is right. We supply the essential minerals for sports nutrition, such as energy seals, effervescent tablets or isotonic sports drinks. At the same time, we provide basic ingredients for many other food products, such as dietary foods. Together we will find the right product for you.


For the manufacture of food supplements, we offer a broad portfolio of minerals and trace elements. In particular for sports nutrition, we supply diversified particle structures and different bulk densities for use in various dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, sachets or powders.

We also supply manufacturers with efficient raw materials and highly bioavailable compounds such as granulates and compacts. Apart from good dosage and low-dust processing, these offer many other advantages in order to improve the production process.

Our portfolio also includes stable and completely reacted molecules. Our chelates are organic, readily soluble and have a high compatibility. In addition, we offer mineral yeast as the source of mineral for selenium, chromium, zinc, stomach magnesium and molybdenum.

We would like to introduce you to our innovative mineral products marketed under the MagGran and MagChel label. Our individual support helps you to achieve the best result for your needs at any time. We look forward to advise you competently and to ensure that your customers remain fit.

Health Claims

DC Granulate

Calcium carbonate, DC
(with or without binder)
Magnesium citrate, DC
Calcium citrate, DC Magnesium hydroxide, DC
Calcium phosphate, DC Magnesium lactate, DC
Magnesium carbonate, DC Magnesium oxide, DC


Calcium bisglycinate Magnesium bisglycinate
Copper bisglycinate Manganese bisglycinate
Ferrous bisglycinate Zinc bisglycinate

Mineral yeasts

Chromium yeast Molybdenum yeast
Magnesium yeast Selenium yeast
Manganese yeast Zinc yeast

Trace elements

Copper citrate Manganese citrate
Copper sulphate Zinc citrate
Ferric pyrophosphate Zinc gluconate
Ferrous fumarate Zinc oxide
Ferrous gluconate Zinc stearate
Ferrous lactate Zinc sulphate

Inorganics Magnesium

Magnesium carbonate Magnesium oxide
Magnesium chloride Magnesium sulphate
Magnesium hydroxide Magnesium phosphate

Inorganics Calcium

Calcium carbonate Calcium oxide
Calcium chloride Calcium phosphate
Calcium hydroxide Calcium sulphate

Organics Magnesium

Magnesium ascorbate Magnesium malate
Magnesium aspartate Magnesium orotate
Magnesium citrate (various hydrate forms) Magnesium pidolate
Magnesium gluconate Magnesium stearate
Magnesium lactate Magnesium taurate

Organics Calcium

Calcium citrate Calcium orotate
Calcium gluconate Calcium pidolate
Calcium lactate Calcium stearate
Calcium malate D-Calcium pantothenate


Potassium bicarbonate Potassium citrate
Potassium carbonate Potassium phosphate
Potassium chloride Potassium stearate


Sodium bicarbonate Sodium citrate
Sodium carbonate Sodium stearate
Sodium chloride Sodium sulphate

ISO 9001

Our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

ISO certificate


Our hygiene management complies with the principles of HACCP.

HACCP certificate


GDP certification for the distribution of APIs used as starting materials for production of medicinal products for human use.

GDP certificate