Product overview

Magnesia is a specialist supplier for magnesium and calcium compounds. We also offer a wide range of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as compounds for food processing and for chemical-technical applications.


Product Grades
Aluminium chloride Pharma
Aluminium hydroxide Pharma
Aluminium stearate Pharma
Citric acid Pharma/Food
Copper citrate Pharma/Food
Copper sulphate Pharma/Food
Epsom salt Pharma
Ferric pyrophosphate Food
Ferrous fumarate Pharma/Food
Ferrous gluconate Pharma/Food
Ferrous lactate Food
Glucono-delta-lactone Pharma
Gluconic acid Pharma
Kaolin Pharma/Food
Lactic acid Pharma
Manganese citrate Food
Potassium bicarbonate Pharma/Food
Potassium carbonate Pharma/Food
Potassium chloride Pharma/Food


Product Grades
Potassium citrate Pharma/Food
Potassium L(+)-lactate Pharma/Food
Potassium phosphate Pharma/Food
Potassium stearate Pharma/Food
Sodium bicarbonate Pharma/Food
Sodium carbonate Pharma/Food
Sodium chloride Pharma
mono-Sodium citrate Pharma
Sodium citrate Pharma/Food
Sodium hydrogen carbonate Pharma/Food
Sodium stearate Pharma/Food
Sodium sulphate Pharma/Food
Talcum Pharma
Xanthan Pharma
Zinc citrate Food
Zinc gluconate Pharma/Food
Zinc oxide Pharma/Food
Zinc stearate Pharma/Food
Zinc sulphate Pharma/Food


Product Grades
Magnesium carbonate Pharma/Food
Magnesium chloride Pharma/Food
Magnesium hydroxide Pharma/Food
Magnesium oxide Pharma/Food
Magnesium sulphate Pharma/Food
Magnesium silicate Pharma/Food


Product Grades
Calcium carbonate Pharma/Food
Calcium chloride Pharma/Food
Calcium hydroxide Pharma/Food
Calcium oxide Food
Calcium sulphate Pharma/Food


Product Grades
Magnesium aspartate Pharma/Food
(various hydrate forms)
Magnesium gluconate Pharma/Food
Magnesium lactate Pharma/Food
Magnesium malate Food
Magnesium orotate Pharma/Food
Magnesium pidolate Pharma/Food
Magnesium stearate Pharma/Food
Magnesium taurate Food


Product Grades
Calcium citrate Pharma/Food
Calcium gluconate Pharma/Food
Calcium lactate Pharma/Food
Calcium malate Food
Calcium orotate Food
Calcium phosphate Pharma/Food
Calcium pidolate Food
Calcium stearate Pharma/Food
D-Calcium pantothenate Pharma/Food


Product Grades
Calcium bisglycinate Food
Copper bisglycinate Food
Iron bisglycinate Food
Magnesium bisglycinate Food
Manganese bisglycinate Food
Zinc bisglycinate Food

DC Grades

Product Grades
Magnesium carbonate, DC Pharma/Food
Magnesium citrate, DC Pharma/Food
Magnesium hydroxide, DC Pharma/Food
Magnesium oxide, DC Pharma/Food
Calcium carbonate, DC (with or without binder) Pharma/Food
Calcium citraet, DC Pharma/Food
Calcium phosphate, DC Pharma/Food

Mineral Yeasts

Product Grades
Chromium yeast Food
Magnesium yeast Food
Manganese yeast Food
Molybdenum yeast Food
Selenium yeast Food
Zinc yeast Food