Thanks to their high bioavailability, our products of the MagChel series are the ideal raw material for dietary supplements – Why? We will explain it to you below.

Chelates are compounds of organic amino acid molecules and inorganic metal molecules. Since amino acids are well absorbed by the body as a "building block" of the proteins, they simultaneously enable unproblematic, accelerated uptake of the associated metal in a chelate compound. Comparing the chelate magnesium bisglycinate with other magnesium compounds, it can be stated that this is much more compatible with the human body and therefore the magnesium is absorbed considerably faster.

The perfect suitability of the MagChel series in nutritional supplements is also confirmed by the approval of these as nutritional supplements according to the NemV.

For more information about the MagChel products please contact our sales advisors: Nutritional & Health Supplements ©Artem_Egorov

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